Saturday, July 16, 2011

iPhone & Android Apps for promotion

Smart phone is a trend, especially iPhone & Android. Most youngster and business may have one of this or both. And the advantages of iPhone & Android smart phone have much application software (apps) for using which can suitable the owner style.

So using app in marketing become common now. And most company starts to develop their company apps. Why need develop the apps for smart phone. It is because the number of user in iPhone & Android are increasing. If an apps are useful, have benefit and make more convenience for the user, it will be increase the download in the apple store or android market. Then will be increase the brand awareness to the user.

Pizza hut is a example. They develop the apps in especially for each country, such as in Hong Kong and USA …etc. The apps let the user can order the food in anywhere. It makes user more convenience.

However, something must pay attention. It is about information of the company products or services are the latest updated and all functions are workable . If not, will enhance the bad comment of the apps then will no user to download. Also, marketer or PR must need to handle it asap.

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