Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A bad case of viral marketing about Salt in China

A salt company in China has spread out a SMS message that salt can fight radiation. After that, queued of buying salt is appear in whole China. Then viral to the Hong Kong which also appear queued of buying salt.

Local and Foreign news has reported this news. Then become well-known over the world. After that, China and Hong Kong government need to have a speech to correct the message is not true.
蘋果日報 - 2011-03-18 - 中港澳盲搶鹽
Japan Radiation Fears Spark Salt Run in China by NTDTV in New York
In a marketing view, this salt company has a good marketing sense. And have a creativity message (rumors) and using a right tool (SMS) which most using for communication in China to delivery their message. But they also create a panic to the market. And need government help to solve this case.

So be a smart marketer which want to using viral marketing must be creative and using a right tool and no panic (ethics) to the market.

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