Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Email Viral Marketing

For the past little while we have been engaged in email viral marketing. What is email viral marketing? Some kind of nasty computer virus? In fact, it's actually a very cost effective and legitimate way of getting the word out. It works pretty simply actually.

Step 1: You send out an email to your email list inviting them to participate in a contest.

Step 2: Your contest encourages recipients to send emails to friends, family and colleagues to sign-up for the contest. The more people that they email and who sign-up, the more entries they receive into the contest.

So if I email dozens of friends and then 16 register for the contest, I would receive 16 entries into the contest. The more people I refer and who register, the more entries I receive.

Step 3: Step back and watch the contest grow. Just like a virus, your friends are incited to email others and so on and so forth. Now all of sudden you have just created something viral.

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