Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jetdaisuke Channel – power of “Word of mouth”?!

“Mr. Daisuke” is not a superstar but it just a normal person like you and me. He is interested to try all innovative products and love to share the feeling and ideas after testing.

His video have no beautiful background, no any sound effect, or any famous idol. there are a common boy to share his experience during the recording vido . But it attracts 600,000 person-times to read and 30,000 people to subscribe for his video.
Some audiences would like to try or buy the products after watching his video.

" 同場加映,jetdaisuke 飲highball,第一啖飲完個樣唔湯唔水勁爆笑,

It is because people  believe his comments are reliable and neutral . It is no point for him to advertise with his pure background. It seems that it is a bit danger  , because there would be a negative impact to the product when his comment is bad. That’s proving that it is not easy to control the influence of the power of " word of month "

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