Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuttimelon –sold 100000 set coupon by well using the internet promotion platform

Group buying is becoming a popular internet shopping channel, and It attract more then 20000 Facebook fans and 45000 people to subscribe and visit their website . They are used to purchase their coupon daily

One of the advantage of using this channel for promotion is the Tuttimelon can draw the Customer attection successfully . In Fact , they sold 100000 set coupon in a very short period , it is not only earn a profit , but it is alos building up their brand name .

Group buying  provides a good chance for Tuttimelon to develop their a business , it becomes a famous yogurt in Hong Kong , Many people will be being  their fans and share their experience in their blog actively

"出親尖咀食飯最主要o既都係想去 The One Tuttimelon 做飯後甜品先真再加上最近團購左 Tuttimelon cash coupon, 當晚食完霞飛就順便出去兌換埋好抵呀今次o coupon $15元當 $40元使 ~ 所以唔好蝕底一次過買左30, 不過我相信我地食得咁密, 應該唔使一陣就會用晒! "

This successful case manifested the power of internet marketing which help company business to attract customers  and helps company pass out their messages efficiently

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