Sunday, July 10, 2011

Heineken the Date

Recently, Heineken through Wieden+Kennedy launched its new film, The Date, via its YouTube and Facebook pages. It tries to find fresh ways to flatter the Heinken drinker and showcase the man’s spectrum of skills.

In the video, we can see the pair enter a restaurant via a secret entrance, kicking off a series of encounters between the duo and a colorful cast of characters. The hero saves his girl from a near accident leaving the kitchen, only to impress her with his skills. Finally, they get and enjoy pairs of Heineken

I like the story line and characters most since Heineken tries to create great creative adventure as a man should have. The film helps to improve brand image and motivate people emotion. This engages people want to have Heineken and enjoy an exciting experience with Heineken.  
However, it seems focus on men’s market only but not women’s.

I am looking forward the next film by Heineken.

Here is making of The Date:

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