Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anti-Mcdonald's Flash Game

Did you play a flash game which called anti-advergames?

Anti-advergames, are online games that target companies and corporations and take an activist position against such promotion of companies, products and viewpoints. They are the opposite of advergames. These games encourage players to question the motives, morals and social values of the companies they target.

The McDonald's Videogame is a good example of Anti-advergames.

It is an online game created by the Italian company La Molleindustria.
The McDonald's Video Game is a parody of the business practices of McDonald's, taking a tycoon style business operation game. The game presents the player with four views, the farmland, the slaughterhouse, the restaurant, and the corporate, and through each of these views, decisions can be made which will affect the fate of the player's company. 

In the game, the player plays the role of a McDonald's CEO, choosing whether or not to feed the player's cows, or plow over rainforests, or feed the player's cows to other cows. The player can also choose advertising strategies and public official corruption to counteract opponents of the player's actions.

Actually, it reflects the fact how Mc Donald’s affected the environment in the Earth already. People can understand and identify what should they do immediately, such as do not eat in Mc Donald’s.
I promise I will do so.

It is a good way to spread anti message and draw attention via a funny flash game.Let’s play together.

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