Saturday, July 9, 2011

McDonald's Interactive Gaming Billboard 2

Once I discovered the McDonald's Interactive pick & play Gaming Billboard. I found some "picture shooting games" are also using the big billboard to achieve the viral marketing purpose.

One is created by DDB Stockholm in 2010, this clever and simple interactive billboard game for McDonald's. Menu items bounce and fly through the screen. If you're quick enough to capture one in a cell-phone pic, it's yours free at a nearby McDonald's. This has more upside than the interactive McDonald's board in Piccadilly Circus that just made you look like a jackass.

Another one is an interactive sign where passers-by can interact with images displayed on McDonald's giant LED screen, and visitors can take an interactive role at one of London's most photographed locations. This interactive McDonald's billboard is certainly entertaining the tourists in Piccadilly Circus.

Although it may not as funny as the pick & play game, or your may think that it's not much interactive. If you imagine those people post the pictures on Facebook, Flickr or other interactive website, how large the feedback will be. Everyone will ask where is it or what is that, and the answer is "It's a McDonald billboard in Piccadilly Circus!"

McDonald's Interactive Gaming Billboard - Pick n' play!

Let me show you an example of viral marketing that using by a famous Food & Beverage company - McDonald.

DDB Stockholm recently ran a cool interactive billboard for McDonald’s that allows people a game of pong with their smartphones using app-free geolocation technology. Users in the general area have the ability to log on to the website and control the billboard. Players who last for more than 30 seconds win McDonald’s coupons.

The marketing campaign really engage customers by using viral marketing idea. Unfortunately, it's in Europe, really hope that it may appear in Hong Kong some day. Whatever, you may download the app now on iTunes

Friday, July 8, 2011

Successful viral video marketing - Budweiser

I discovered an interesting and surprise video about a world-wide well known brand – Budweiser which a best sell beer in USA. They are using many video for their marketing to promote the product (Bud Light and Bud ICE) though youtube. It is over a thousand videos about Budweiser in youtube since 2006 and accumulate over a ten million view of their video.

You may ask why they using youtube to promote their products?
Because their target customer is youngster which like searching and browsing information form internet.

And they partner with a popular Chinese video-sharing site, (土豆網) for a user-generated online video contest. The contest encourages users to suggest ideas for their advertising form 2010.  

Let see the reference as below which they over a million views in youtube.

Best Budlight Commercial Ever - Beer & Porn

Hilarious Budweiser Commercial
And the video in Tudou(土豆網) :
After seeing two of these video, you may think the content of video make you have a smile after that. But some people may argue the content which have porn or sex issue that will affect their family or child.

However, Budweiser is success which they create a noise around their product.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flash Game - a magic way to deliver your adv msg unconsciously

Trend is changing with each passing day
do you imagine that marketer can implant their promotion message to customer by games unconsciously?
Online marketing provides a great interaction platform to marketer who can create a game which is including their product details and selling points.
Tao-ti is a drink company in Hong Kong. Although Andy Lau is their spokeman, they are well using the flash game to promote their products. In this game, your role is a bartender and your duties are to serve the customes what do they order. It is well using their brand name and let the customers know their product clearly. In fact,  this flash game was successfully attracted 217007 hit rate.

how many product will you remember after playing this game ?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Make Video Go Viral?

No doubt that video is one of the best tool for viral marketing, but not all videos go viral. Let me show you few distinct similiarities of most viral videos.

To be unique, memorable or funny:
The video that is interesting and entertaining  are much  more likely to be spread. The below Cadbury's video is one of the best example. The video through these kids funny facial expression and memorable background music make this video goes viral.

Make your description clear and specific:
To best promote your video, you'll want its text description on YouTube to be accurate and interesting. Use descriptive keywords and language that people will find when they search for videos like yours. And use the correct categorizations on YouTube so people will find it.

Try a series of similar videos to build interest:
Sometimes a series of videos works great. The Blendtec Will it Blend? videos are a perfect example.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All about Ammeter :)

 A quaint OL[ old lady] .who......

---- 1st bloging writer but pretended to a talent 
---- Full of astonishing idea
---- A big tease,with no malice by it  
---- A Friend’s "Happy Nut"
---- A Naughty girl who named “creditor” By Mother J
---- A Believer of Epicureanism
___ Loves to trying new things
----- Enjoy website browsing 

Award viral video about beer

I think most people is watch a video in youtube about Diet-coke with Mentos. 
After the video posted, it make a big buzz which has 60 million views over the world. Is it success for the company of Coca-cola and Mentos ? I think yes, as I have tried to do this before.

And how a beer with Mentos ? What will happen about this combination ?
This beer video got a best viral video award at 2007 in England.

The successful in this video is the marketing department and the agency of this beer company - Tetley's which a brand of Carlsberg is. Because they are quick respone that coca-cola with mentos video posted at 2006 then this video also posted in 2006 and get the award.
They try to put the same idea and present in a Exaggeration way, I am so surprise why they can combine this idea.

As a good viral video that need create a buzz for the audience and user. Then spread out a message which they known or seen that easy for remember. Tetley’s beer video is success in get the resonance before audience and user saw the video of Diet-coke + mentos

So if “San Miguel” beer which a Hong Kong brand use the same idea, will it success?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Successful Strategy of M&M

Do you remember the genius Mr. Red, shy Mr. Yellow and sweet Ms. Green? They are all M&M's characters. I think most of you can remember their video, in the Internet or at TV. Why M&M’s video success? There mainly are two reasons.
1.      Unique characters – M&M give each character a unique attribute, appearance and even hobbies. It makes the audiences easier to identify and differentiate their video. Also, the unique character usually easier to cater audience’s attention.
2.      Crossover – M&M’s video always link with others which their audiences interested in, for example, the hot and famous movie. It can catch the audiences eyes, and get advantage from the crossover events or characters.

The following are some example of M&M’s video.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Viral Message convey - Lotte 2% bottle water

The goal of marketers interested in creating successful viral marketing programs is to create viral messages that appeal to individuals with high social networking potential (SNP) and that have a high probability of being presented and spread by these individuals and their competitors in their communications with others in a short period of time.

This is a Korean Lotte’s 2% bottled water advertising, the message of the story conveyed to the publicity is overstep than that of the product itself. When the Lotte upload this video on the YouTube, the viewers began share this video thought so many different types of social networking service such as Facebook, email and their own blog.