Friday, July 8, 2011

Successful viral video marketing - Budweiser

I discovered an interesting and surprise video about a world-wide well known brand – Budweiser which a best sell beer in USA. They are using many video for their marketing to promote the product (Bud Light and Bud ICE) though youtube. It is over a thousand videos about Budweiser in youtube since 2006 and accumulate over a ten million view of their video.

You may ask why they using youtube to promote their products?
Because their target customer is youngster which like searching and browsing information form internet.

And they partner with a popular Chinese video-sharing site, (土豆網) for a user-generated online video contest. The contest encourages users to suggest ideas for their advertising form 2010.  

Let see the reference as below which they over a million views in youtube.

Best Budlight Commercial Ever - Beer & Porn

Hilarious Budweiser Commercial
And the video in Tudou(土豆網) :
After seeing two of these video, you may think the content of video make you have a smile after that. But some people may argue the content which have porn or sex issue that will affect their family or child.

However, Budweiser is success which they create a noise around their product.

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