Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Award viral video about beer

I think most people is watch a video in youtube about Diet-coke with Mentos. 
After the video posted, it make a big buzz which has 60 million views over the world. Is it success for the company of Coca-cola and Mentos ? I think yes, as I have tried to do this before.

And how a beer with Mentos ? What will happen about this combination ?
This beer video got a best viral video award at 2007 in England.

The successful in this video is the marketing department and the agency of this beer company - Tetley's which a brand of Carlsberg is. Because they are quick respone that coca-cola with mentos video posted at 2006 then this video also posted in 2006 and get the award.
They try to put the same idea and present in a Exaggeration way, I am so surprise why they can combine this idea.

As a good viral video that need create a buzz for the audience and user. Then spread out a message which they known or seen that easy for remember. Tetley’s beer video is success in get the resonance before audience and user saw the video of Diet-coke + mentos

So if “San Miguel” beer which a Hong Kong brand use the same idea, will it success?

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