Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heineken's The Entrance video goes viral

Please click the photo below, enter your birthday and watch the funny video on YouTube by Heineken.

Is it so funny? This is a new Heineken's video ad! (Taiwan special version) Heineken has been making waves in the ad world. This time, Heineken have a private page on YouTube and they made this funny "flash" video on YouTube. This ad has quickly racked up 3 million views (including the original one) due to a clever campaign with additional content on Facebook and YouTube.

“The video focuses on the man’s interactions with all the guests, which are all pretty epic. We see him give an eye back to a rather salty looking sailor, get in a mock duel with a gunslinger, and even shoot some hoops. My favorite had to be the mock karate battle, which had some pretty slick moves to get possession of the Heineken bottle. In the end, our star joins the band on stage, adding in some jazz (yaz) flute, and getting the party really started.” January 14, 2011 | Author Social Trooper

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