Sunday, July 17, 2011

How Would Be a Successful Viral Marketing?

We have shared many successful viral marketing examples of food and beverage sector in our blog. What are their key successful elements?
After our analyze, we would list out few basic elements of viral marketing.

1. Give away valuable products or services
"Free" is the most powerful word in the world. For instance, "Mini Flash Game"which always comprise company's products and service. As it is free, most customers are willing to play it. If they think the games are interesting, they even will share it to their friends via differenet media such as facebook, twitter, etc. Another example is "Group Buying". Although it is not free, it gives away value to customers. Pls see it:

2. Provide for effortless transfer to others
Virus only spread when they are east to transmit. The medium that carries your marketing message must be easy to transfer and replicate. In addition, you must simplify your marketing message so it can be transitted easily and without degradation.

3. Verify that your website is ready to handle the traffic
Plan for scale so that the success so that you are prepared to handle the increase in traffic and subsequent increase in business.

4. Exploits Behaviors and Needs
Viral marketing is based on being liked by people because either they need it or feel pride in getting associated with it .

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