Saturday, July 9, 2011

McDonald's Interactive Gaming Billboard 2

Once I discovered the McDonald's Interactive pick & play Gaming Billboard. I found some "picture shooting games" are also using the big billboard to achieve the viral marketing purpose.

One is created by DDB Stockholm in 2010, this clever and simple interactive billboard game for McDonald's. Menu items bounce and fly through the screen. If you're quick enough to capture one in a cell-phone pic, it's yours free at a nearby McDonald's. This has more upside than the interactive McDonald's board in Piccadilly Circus that just made you look like a jackass.

Another one is an interactive sign where passers-by can interact with images displayed on McDonald's giant LED screen, and visitors can take an interactive role at one of London's most photographed locations. This interactive McDonald's billboard is certainly entertaining the tourists in Piccadilly Circus.

Although it may not as funny as the pick & play game, or your may think that it's not much interactive. If you imagine those people post the pictures on Facebook, Flickr or other interactive website, how large the feedback will be. Everyone will ask where is it or what is that, and the answer is "It's a McDonald billboard in Piccadilly Circus!"

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