Thursday, July 14, 2011

A common Video Marketing Platform – Youtube

Why Youtube ?
Because Youtube is the largest video sharing website now. It has the most traffic and the highest amount of users in it. It is a definitive place for getting your video for the public though this tool.

And why video marketing on Youtube better than traditional TV channel ?
Video marketing on Youtube works better than TV channel because it is cost free. And most people spend time on internet more than sitting in front of TV now.
The important point is quick response, have feedback of the content of video or promoting service or product. Then the marketer can modify the content of video in a short time.

What the tips of company when using Youtube for video marketing?
- Keep the company profile in Youtube account real and updated
- Invite and add your business partner or potential customer to subscribe
- share video with e-mail
- using Social Media platform to enhance the share speed : twitter, Facebook

For a company, using Youtube platform for video marketing to promote their product or services is a common tactic now. So correctly using the Youtube platform that can enhance company image and sales. However, the production cost of video may be also higher.

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