Thursday, July 14, 2011

Viral marketing - Hui Lau Shan

Another example using viral marketing for local brand - Hui Lau Shan.

When you click the "玩樂在線" in their homepage, you can see that it enable you to design your own e-card in it's page. It's one kind of viral marketing and it enable you to forward your message to your friends and It can generate the awareness via your creative e-cards.

Besides, Hui Lau Shan also has it's brand page in facebook. If you click the "like" button and wirte down the your information to them, you will have chances to get the coupons and gifts from them. People like to have jetso without using any effort, so it's quite successful to attract the customers in this way.

As people need to visit their page regularly to know who can get the prizes, people would always have their brand in their mind and keep in touch with the brand.

It also have so e-coupon inside and you can forward the e-coupon to your friend via social network place.
Please find the link for it's homepage:

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