Thursday, July 14, 2011

How I think a success of viral video marketing campaign

Viral video marketing campaign is so common now, especially for targeting young customer. Most company uses this method which wants to achieve the brand, product or service awareness. 

But how to achieve and how is a success viral video marketing campaign? Let start form some explanation
Viral marketing means spread a message of products or services which let customer has awareness, just like using word-of-mouth which is a common method. And now can use a social media tool – Facebook to share.
Video marketing means use a video to speak out a product or services though different channels which most use the youtube. If the heading of video is related to SEO wording which can enhance the video be seen when people searching.

An a viral video marketing campaign simple expansion is using a video which the content is about product or service then spread or share in a short time different online platform, such as facebook..etc.

The important elements of a success viral marketing campaign with video are creative and can make the buzz which word-of-mouth marketing. If have a good or bad buzz that the campaign for awareness is success. And how to handle if occur bad buzz that need related to the marketer or PR response. Then use Facebook to share video to friends or fans which can increase the speed of spread, such as my previous post, Budweiser. However, the production cost of video may be higher.

Finally, in my own view of this assignment for viral video marketing that has a very important element should be included that is Creative. A creative video which make audience have a smile or surprise, most related to lifestyle and a easy remember slogan will be enhance the success.

For example:
Kee Wah Bakery is a Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Bakery Brand. And have a Slogan “Hong Kong have own Souvenirs”  for their ad which is creative. If the marketing of Kee Wah posting their TV ad in youtube (already posted but lower rate of view and in Chinese version) with english version and send e-mail or or using facebook spread out to foreign customer.
Also using the keyword of “Hong Kong gifts” or “Hong Kong souvenir” for the heading of video in youtube and invitie to subscribe. Then may increase the sales of their products.

香港廣告: kee wah 奇華餅家(香港終於有手信)2006

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