Monday, July 11, 2011

Evian 'We're All Babies Inside'

Two years after the worldwide success of “The Roller Babies”, which click rate is over 15,000,000 via Youtube and Facebook, and became one of the best viral video last year. Those babies are cute, do you think so?

In 2011,Evian also offers a new “Live young” experience: The “We’re All Babies Inside”, an interactive music video.Evian would like to show people how it affects on the body and claims its water supports the body's youth.

In this film, men and women are wearing a t-shirt printed with babies in different poses, appear one by one to the beat of the music, creating the illusion that the babies are dancing. Their individual style and their personality embodying the new strap line of the brand: “Live Young”. 

Evian successfully spread their messages via online channels but how?

First, millions of people have watched the video within 3 months. Second, Evian well used babies be a younger image, match their key message “Live young”. Third,it included “humor” element into the video, most people will interest and share with friends via online channels.

Also, Evian finds a new way to increase sales that those t-shirt which shown in video can be bought online. I am interested to buy one since the print looks cute. Do you want one?
Let check as below link:

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