Monday, July 11, 2011

Golden Fired Chicken: a successfull story of online marketing

 Do you believe the forum can help you to start your own business successfully?
Golden Fired Chicken is a good example to prove the online marketing power.

At 23 November 2010, a golden member 莎蘭德」(Golden ID201420creating  a post , [玩命]開舖創業求店名, at golden forum to ask for opinion about creating a business and a shop name. Many members are interested in this post and it was a hot discussion at the forum.

At last, 莎蘭德summarized their opinions and set up a fired chicken shop at Shau Kei Wan one month later.
Moreover, they made a short film of this story and spread on the youtube very soon.

This advertising of short film not only attracts the attention of internet users but also the TV media.

This fervor makes the Golden Fired Chicken enjoy which earn good profit and popularity.
It is  no doubt that video marketing has became a powerful and an influential medium of advertising.

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