Friday, July 1, 2011

What is Video Marketing?

I put video marketing very simply, it is about putting video content and distrubing it widely in the internet in a very focus and structured way. And the way that works, it is because something call Universal Search.

Univeral Search is introduced by google in 2007. It means when you search for something in google, the results come up are not only web pages, including videos. Below is the example, If I type "Ironman" into google, after few web pages, there are two videos clips placed in the middles of page one. If you click on the videos, you can see the latest "Ironman" movie trailer.

I guess you may ask why google is so keen on video?

It is becasue google bought youtube for 1.65 billion US dollars in 2006 and google awares there is explosion and popularity of online video.

Let me show you some statistic:
1. More than 1 billion videos viewed on youtube every day.
2. More than 20 hours of video uploaded to youtube every minute.
3.Businesses spend more on online advertising than on TV.

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